Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poem one Tuesday

Tuesday mornings

I'll try and start a fire in the ocean 
to try and draw you out
Maybe you'll drown in my direction
Take the slip into insanity 
Or maybe try to hang onto the sand 

Will you play the broken viola 
while I dance a syncopated step 
And I'll sing for you in blue green chords 
A song all our own, taking notes for granted 
Leaving the sand behind 

And I'll kiss your lips blue 
and you can whisper a tune 
about Tuesdays and turtles and thorn apple flowers
And I'll chuckle at our failed attempts at normality 
But we're  as normal as one can be when chained to a tide 


  1. I like the strange, dreamlike images here -- especially the idea of trying to start a fire in the ocean, and of being chained to a tide.